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About ODScommerce Inc.

On-Demand Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services

ODScommerce Inc. is a Knowledge Process Outsourcing company that offers On-Demand services and solutions in sourcing and Global commerce projects to mid-sized companies world-wide.

A spin-off by its parent MOAI Technologies, ODScommerce shares MOAI’s award-winning, proven technology and infrastructure with investments of $72 million. ODScommerce similarly utilizes other proven technologies that enable a cost effective and efficient delivery of supply chain, logistics, quality management, and wide variety of Global commerce projects. Moai’s proven success continues to deliver value to Fortune 500 clients in eighteen countries and their satisfaction reinforces ODScommerce standing as a trusted partner. Proof-in-point, Moai clients to date have sourced more than $28 billion in goods and engaged in project services that have realized savings of more than $2 billion.

ODScommerce solutions and services support the planning, purchasing, implementation and management of sourcing and global commerce through the power of the Internet and a SaaS model. Furthermore, through innovative software products, process and technology, ODScommerce offers a unique portfolio of Knowledge Process Outsourcing solutions and services that span the supply chain and global commerce solutions.

ODScommerce Features:

Just-in-Time Sourcin [JITS] - ODScommmerce’s distinctive JITS model integrates strategic consulting services with SaaS events, and is designed to seamlessly acquire, train and migrate customers through the sourcing process. Both novices and intermediate users of strategic sourcing will achieve significant benefits from the JITS approach.

Strategic Consulting Services - ODScommerce’s strategic consulting program, encourages sourcing novices to test and validate e-Sourcing. With this guidance, the novice will achieve significant benefits.

Event Driven Software - ODScommerce provides customized low cost event solutions (such as auctions, reverse auctions etc.) at a flat fee or packaged discount — with no hidden charges. Those who are ready to take complete control of their sourcing process will benefit most from this approach.

Flexibility - ODScommerce understands that each of their client’s challenges are slightly different. So, ODScommerce’s engagement with its clients is completely flexible in terms of the deployment options, types of services, level of services etc. so as to cater to these different needs of the clients no matter where they are in their implementation of sourcing.

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