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SaaS Based Knowledge Process Outsourcing for Small to Medium Sized Industries

ODScommerce has an innovative go-to-market business model that is designed for containment, efficiency and profitability with a small on-shore leadership team, an off-shore back office support group and a strategic global network of partners that leverage sourcing domain expertise complimented with a targeted geographic and industry background. 

ODScommerce acknowledges that the Knowledge Process Outsourcing demands have grown in parallel with the adoption of SaaS services to a $36 Billion + worldwide SMB market. Corporations devote more than 50% of their revenues to sourcing goods and services required to keep their operations running. Optimizing corporate spending provides the   single greatest opportunity to reduce corporate expenses and increase profitability. In order to quickly and efficiently stream-line supplier relationships and leverage spending across the organization, companies are now relying on Knowledge Process Outsourcing solutions.

The impact of Knowledge Process procurement and sourcing strategies within the supply chain goes far beyond the cost savings achieved through individual events. Strategic sourcing and procurement is an ongoing process that involves not only sourcing and acquisition of products or services, but also analyzing corporate spending, cultivating supplier relationships and more aggressively managing contracts in order to continually refine the process.

ODS now delivers to the SMB markets a dynamic OnDemand model that offers a complete on-line of e-sourcing services that will drive efficiencies, streamline systems and integrate business processes across all functions.

ODScommerce focuses effort globally in the Infrastructure (Construction), Energy/Utility/Alternative Energy, Manufacturing, Transportation and other industries with branded tools/services (adopted from Moai Technologies).

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ODScommerce Case Study - Water - 51% savings over historical price
ODScommerce Case Study - Water - Savings of over $211,200 from a single e-Sourcing event
ODScommerce Case Study - Food - 17% savings over historical price per unit
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