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Energy / Utility / Alternative Energy

The supply chain continues to be a focus for Energy executives because of its inherent size, investment commitment and immediate impact to the business. Its value and complexity is rising due to globalization, for which by definition - supply chain means global suppliers, global customers and global competitors. More capabilities are externalized, as companies look to become asset light, lower direct costs and focus on the core competencies.  The growing number of trading partners creates a need for process integration and collaboration with extended supply chain partners. Best- in-Class Energy companies are reducing supply chain complexity by integrating customer and supplier processes and creating cross-functional coordination with procurement, finance and IT.

For today’s Energy companies, increasing the bottom line while optimizing efficiency poses an incredible difficult challenge, especially in our current economic crisis. This need, coupled with competition in a global environment, puts manufacturers and service providers in a tight spot.  New methods of processing energy and delivery of services have evolved and global sourcing has become a crucial element for survival. The time for execution of best practices at the lowest total operating cost possible is now.

As climate change and renewable-energy policies level the playing field in the energy industry alternative-energy companies are racing to assure investors, policymakers and the public that they can scale to meet the needs of energy-starved consumers. During the last few years, a clutch of clean energy projects have emerged on a scale never seen before. ODScommerce has developed Knowledge Process Outsourcing Solutions and Services (KPO) for the nuclear, fossil, thermal, hydro power technologies and new energy sources that provider wind, solar, geo thermal, bio fuel, and hydrogen cell options. Although this is very exciting, there are a number of challenges facing the small/medium energy businesses today:

ODScommerce Impaired growth due to small IT infrastructures.
ODScommerce Environmental pressures
ODScommerce Compliance issues
ODScommerce Minimal global visualization in the supply chain
ODScommerce Decreased information flow among manufacturers, suppliers and business partners

ODScommerce understands these challenges and has responded with KPO solutions and services that provide high added value to the supply chain where the achievement of objectives is highly dependent on the skills, domain knowledge and experience of the people carrying out the activity.  These solutions focus in the areas of sourcing, procurement and wrap around services that support these functions and the integration of technology.

ODScommerce will engage directly or with partners in energy companies across North America, Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia for those opportunities where dramatic economic growth is occurring and where the need for change in energy policy has been embraced by governmental bodies and has public acceptance. Energy companies have stated a need for:

ODScommerce Quick and cost-effective deployments while shifting costs from capital to operational budgets with the vendors  responsible for ensuring the availability, reliability, security and scalability of the software solution that deliver solutions in the sourcing and procurement functions.
ODScommerce Capability to provide anywhere, anytime access via the web, enabling streamlined processes for business operations with increased productivity without going behind the firewall.(SaaS)
ODScommerce Providing exceptional ease of use, eliminating formal training requirements for end users and the ability to do what you want and/or outsource the process.
ODScommerce Deliver information protection and audit trails to support security of data and regulatory compliance as requited. (KPO services)
ODScommerce Option to pay-as-you-go, subscription and enterprise pricing/licensing to acquire “on-demand” solutions.

ODScommerce OnDemmand services is designed for those Energy customers whose organizations are looking to drive greater consistency of business practices across the sourcing/procurement functions, as well as increase efficiency and reduce costs in the execution of business commerce in their companies.

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