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Today’s increasingly turbulent global and competitive business environment is fueling the need for a new, more efficient and more effective exchange of information, ideas and processes across enterprises. Escalating financial concerns and intensifying competition are reinforcing this behavior as business executives strive to manage an increasingly dispersed and mobile workforce along with external parties including consultants, subcontractors, partners, clients, advisors, suppliers, investors and more. These trends are driving infrastructure/construction companies of all sizes to seek new methods of encouraging collaboration beyond the four walls of the traditional workplace. Business managers are seeking more streamlined processes to meet their communications and collaboration needs while also satisfying their information protection, security and compliance requirements.

The infrastructure/construction industry is looking to become more sophisticated around sourcing/procurement automation. Traditionally, Small/Medium Businesses (SMB) in this industry has lagged in their adoption of technology, however new research indicates that they are catching up quickly. With continued pressure to reduce costs and compete in global markets, midsize companies are beginning to view overall procurement improvements as a priority. Procurement has become significantly more strategic in both mid market and large enterprises. As procurement’s strategic importance rises, those adopting an electronic paperless platform will be able to execute effectively in a timely manner, reduce cycle time in process implementation and drive category savings to the bottom line because of improved overall spend management capabilities.

There are a number of challenges facing the infrastructure/construction industries today:

ODScommerce Impaired growth due to IT infrastructures.
ODScommerce Environmental pressures
ODScommerce Compliance issues
ODScommerce Minimal global visualization in the supply chain
ODScommerce Decreased information flow among manufacturers, suppliers and business partners

ODScommerce has developed Knowledge Process Outsourcing Solutions and Services for the infrastructure/construction industry that address these challenges and provide a runway forward to achieving greater management of the supply chain and improved cost savings. ODScommerce will engage directly or with partners with companies that specialize in contracting, design/build, construction management, project management and project sourcing/procurement within this industry across North America, Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia. Customer focus will be directed where opportunities in construction costs are rising and dramatic economic growth is occurring.

The Infrastructure /Construction industry has now realized that in order to compete, their focus is to concentrate on core specialization and core-competency areas and let others do the rest. Many companies and organizations have come to realize that by outsourcing non core activities, not only costs are minimized and efficiencies improved, but the total business improves because the new alignment shifts to the key growth areas. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) has arrived and available through ODScommerce.

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