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ODScommerce Press Release: ODScommerce Enters the SMB Market with Innovation and Technology Used by the Fortune 500

Pittsburgh, PA, Oct. 1, 2009 - ODScommerce, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Company is now introducing an OnDemand service model for the SMB market that offers flexible solutions that are customized and scaled to meet the needs of individual sourcing organizations, no matter where they are in their e-Sourcing organizational function.
ODScommerce will provide and support a closed-end e-sourcing process that delivers a managed electronic facility enabling clients to connect sourcing and procurement to spend analysis and contract management functions within their organizations. At the same time, the ecommerce model leverages the scalability of SaaS architecture that is dynamic in design, compliments organizational growth and facilitates the management of professional relationships between suppliers and customers.

Customers can now expect choice and flexibility in On Demand Services for global commerce with the an ability for Self Service when the customer who has working knowledge of the procurement and sourcing processes and the ability to conduct their entire event and process manage the information flow. ODScommerce can assist the customer (buyer) in setting up the events, inviting suppliers and managing all purchased events referred to as Managed Services and/or manages all aspects of the events under a Full Service model. A wrap-around service model called Project Services is ODScommerce consulting services for those customers looking to expand on the event services, move into an unexplored area, or improve upon functionalities that already exist.

"I am very happy to announce our OnDemand Service Model for Global Commerce that will reduce the single biggest expense that corporations have today. Corporations devote more than 50% of their revenues to sourcing the goods and services required to keep their operations running. Optimizing corporate spending provides the single greatest opportunity to reduce corporate expenses and increase profitability. In order to quickly and efficiently stream-line supplier relationships and leverage spending across the organization, companies are relying more than ever on Knowledge Process solutions. I look forward to working with customers in implementing Knowledge Process Outsourcing solutions in procurement and strategic sourcing that combine the conventional practice of procurement with the power of the Internet to form a robust new tool for reducing costs, improving customer service, and creating value. In fact, more and more companies are realizing that the near-term impact of Knowledge Process Outsourcing in sourcing and procurement are the most effective strategies for maximizing profitability.” stated Ramesh Mehta, CEO and President of ODScommerce, Inc.

About ODScommerce, Inc.

ODScommerce, Inc. is a Knowledge Outsourcing Company that offers On Demand e-sourcing solutions and Global commerce project services to SMB’s world-wide. A spin-off by its parent, Moai Technologies, ODScommerce solutions and project services support the planning, purchasing, implementation and management of e-sourcing solutions through the power of the Internet and SaaS model technology. Subsequently, through innovative software products, process and technology, ODScommerce offers a unique portfolio of Knowledge Process Outsourcing solutions and services that span the supply chain and global commerce solutions. Clients can select from a wide portfolio of consulting services that will wrap the e-sourcing process and expect to receive improved work flow efficiencies, reduction in process cycle time, enhanced collaboration with suppliers, improvement in customer services and direct cost reduction.

ODScommerce, Inc.

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