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Press Release

ODScommerce helps its Fortune 500 client to garner huge savings leveraging its world class On Demand Solution

Feb. 15, 2012

ODScommerce revamped the way the eSourcing world perceives On Demand eSourcing. Considered only to be good for standard items and off-the shelf components, ODScommerce today helped one of its Fortune 500 clients garner savings in excess of 27% from a single eSourcing at a whopping RoI of 200%. The success comes on the back of few constant success stints with the same client.

What made the success sweeter was the fact that the item was designed component involving engineering complexities. Such components are typically considered perhaps the least preferred item for eSourcing. “We always believed after our preliminary analysis that considering the diverse supplier participation in the fray, results in excess of 15% were always on the cards, but what followed during the actual auction surpassed our expectations” exclaimed, the Project In-Charge, Components Auction, ODScommerce.

Being an easy to use solution, the Chinese and other LCC suppliers found it very user-friendly and that helped them to be an active participant vis-à-vis a hesitant bidder. “For suppliers, reduction in sales and marketing expenses is one of the key benefits that the eSourcing solutions are offering!”, exclaimed one of the participating supplier.

The eSourcing, practices in India are just becoming to make their presence felt.  With the current economic crises, inclination towards cost rationalization is increasing and eSourcing provides the perfect foil in such a situation. Riding on the success of this auction, our Fortune 500 client has wowed to conduct more similar events in the near future… for obvious reasons!

About ODScommerce, Inc.

ODScommerce, Inc. is a Knowledge Outsourcing Company that offers On Demand e-sourcing solutions and Global commerce project services to SMB’s world-wide. A spin-off by its parent, Moai Technologies, ODScommerce solutions and project services support the planning, purchasing, implementation and management of e-sourcing solutions through the power of the Internet and SaaS model technology. Subsequently, through innovative software products, process and technology, ODScommerce offers a unique portfolio of Knowledge Process Outsourcing solutions and services that span the supply chain and global commerce solutions. Clients can select from a wide portfolio of consulting services that will wrap the e-sourcing process and expect to receive improved work flow efficiencies, reduction in process cycle time, enhanced collaboration with suppliers, improvement in customer services and direct cost reduction.

ODScommerce, Inc.

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