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Knowledge Process Outsourcing & Project Services

BPO, SCM, Turnkey, Bundled & Specific Services

ODScommerce provides a compelling portfolio of Project Services and Knowledge / Business Process Outsourcing Services that can be counted on to deliver value by a professional team that understands business drivers and what is necessary to bring clients to world class standards to compete in the global environment. These services are available with the ODScommerce solution as add-ons or even as individual services based on the immediate needs of the client. The following is some example of our Knowledge / Business Process services delivered either through turnkey, bundled or specific services:

ODScommerce Contract management ODScommerce Data cleansing
ODScommerce Quality management ODScommerce Content/ catalog management
ODScommerce Category management ODScommerce Outsourced procurement
ODScommerce Logistics & fulfillment ODScommerce Outsourced requisitions
ODScommerce Security & compliance ODScommerce Vendor management
ODScommerce Maintaining and updating supplier data bases ODScommerce Spend analysis data import
ODScommerce Vendor selections ODScommerce Spend analysis content management
ODScommerce Order management ODScommerce Spend analysis reporting
ODScommerce Requisition management ODScommerce Executive dashboard
ODScommerce Bill of materials ODScommerce Collaboration on sourcing
ODScommerce Creation Wizard for electronic RFQ ODScommerce Programming, integration and IT
Project services are ODScommerce professional consulting services for those customers looking to expand on the event services, move into an unexplored area, or improve upon functionalities that already exist in their organizations

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