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On-Demand Services

Accelerate Adoption plus Value with Flexible, Affordable & Low Risk Services On-Demand SaaS

Mid-sized businesses can now take advantage of the same OnDemandServices that has saved large corporations millions of dollars a year across their direct and indirect spend. ODScommerce now offersOnDemandServices, an innovative, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology that brings the power and flexibility of e-Sourcing to companies globally.

ODScommerce ODScommerce events are hosted in a secure environment to provide a positive experience for first-time customers. The ODScommerce team is available to help companies select items, quickly configure events, and train buyers and suppliers to optimally run reverse, -standard auctions and multi-line sourcing events that have been proven to reduce costs and help companies operate more efficiently.

What is OnDemandServices - SaaS?

OnDemandServices- SaaS is designed to accelerate adoption and value without the cost, burdens, or risks of implementing costly software or hardware. The flexibility of the OnDemand model also extends to ODScommerce service events—designing and delivering services tuned to our customers' unique requirements. ODScommerce provides low-cost, rapid deployment, and faster time-to-value.

Is This Really A SaaS Architecture and Service?

True OnDemand/SaaS solutions offer faster deployment, immediate savings and built-in service and expertise on demand via the Internet. The full benefits associated with the SaaS model distinguish a true On Demand solution from the rest. These benifits are:

ODScommerce Web-based application with delivery of the application service over a standard Internet browser that is specifically designed and developed by the Software as a Service provider, not another technology firm
ODScommerce No end-user investment required in software, hardware, implementation and integration services, or use of additional IT staff
ODScommerce Rapid and simple deployment, configuration and training (typically less than one month)
ODScommerce No software/ hardware installed; remotely delivered and managed applications from a single or multiple centralized locations, but not residing on the client's site or within its underlying IT structure
ODScommerce Frequent upgrade cycles occurring multiple times per year in addition to minor product enhancements on a routine basis that are all seamlessly deployed over the Web
ODScommerce "Pay-as-you-go" pricing with a wide variety of models (i.e., subscription, transaction, etc.)and terms ranging from payments received upfront, to pre-pay, to pay as incurred
ODScommerce Ability to customize and configure the appearance, policy settings, workflow and other characteristics to meet the diverse needs of a large customer base
ODScommerce Ability to integrate using APIs and Web Services with other existing third-party and internally developed enterprise applications and databases
ODScommerce Back-end application hosting from remotely managed/owned facilities, or provided by a third party
ODScommerce 24x7x365 perpetual account responsibility with on-going customer services supporting end-user adoption, use / training, and troubleshooting

To accommodate the varying needs of different organizations, ODScommerce is offering three different programs for OnDemmandServices – Self-Service, Managed-Service and Full-Service.

The following chart outlines the activities and responsibilities for each program

  Self-Service Managed- Service Full-Service
Host event on Web site ODScommerce ODScommerce ODScommerce
Provide help desk support during event ODScommerce ODScommerce ODScommerce
Provide up-front consulting Optional ODScommerce ODScommerce
Develop RFP and attachments, if any Customer Customer ODScommerce
Complete event questionnaire Customer Customer ODScommerce
Schedule event Customer ODScommerce ODScommerce
Create and setup event and parameters Customer ODScommerce ODScommerce
Invite suppliers Customer ODScommerce ODScommerce
Provide appropriate training to suppliers Customer ODScommerce ODScommerce
Train buyers Level 1 Optional ODScommerce ODScommerce
Train buyers Level 2 + and other users Optional Not Required Not Required
Conduct a Mock Event Optional ODScommerce ODScommerce
Provide support for RFP and answer supplier questions re: RFx Customer Customer ODScommerce
Create post-event reports Customer ODScommerce ODScommerce

It is recommended that first-time users begin with Managed-Service. However, if your procurement or buying command is familiar to on demand sourcing then the best fit for the company could be, the self or full services (per diagram in later pages) OnDemandServices gives mid-sized enterprises the opportunity to utilize key capabilities of ODScommerce’s Global Commerce solutions and benefit from the strategic, streamlined approach to buying the goods they need to compete in the marketplace. The bottom-line cost savings from a program such as ODScommerce solutions are easily quantifiable, making it a service that C-level executives can understand, appreciate and implement.

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