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On-Demand Managed Service

Supply Chain Support - Level 2

Managed-Service is the ideal entry point for new customers to embark on their journey into the world of e-Sourcing with ODScommerce. With our streamlined process, our clients can take advantage of the benefits of using e-Sourcing technology, without going through a steep learning curve.

Our ODScommerce team of professionals will take you by the hand and can get you started within 15-20 working days, by providing the following :


  Customer Deliverables   ODScommerce Deliverables
ODScommerce Select Item to be sourced ODScommerce Schedule events
ODScommerce Develop RFQ & attachments, if any ODScommerce Invite suppliers
ODScommerce Identify suppliers, providing contact information including e-mail, address, telephone numbers ODScommerce Questions
ODScommerce Provide support for RFQ (i.e. be able to answer ad-hoc questions from Suppliers) ODScommerce Host event
ODScommerce Answer ad-hoc supplier questions ODScommerce Help desk support for event (added space)
ODScommerce Fill out event questionnaire provided by  ODScommerce ODScommerce Post-event report.
ODScommerce Provide company logo file    

Assistance Included

1. Sourcing Items Selection & RFQ Development

During the Scoping stage of Managed Service, ODScommerce provides a simple step-by-step event setup process. We invite and help you to complete an easy-to-use questionnaire, covering all aspects of commodity and item selection, negotiation questions, supplier selection and invitation, and event timing & scheduling.

2. Supplier Identification & Selection

We recognize that nobody understands your business better than you. We also understand that strategic sourcing is a core function and competency of your company, in which you will need to continually invest and apply the lessons learned by your team to this process. ODScommerce enhances your strategic sourcing process by showing you how to apply e-Sourcing technology in a streamlined and repeatable way. As part of the Managed Service program, we will work very closely with your team to help you identify, select and invite suppliers to events.

3. Education

In our streamlined OnDemandService process, we take your buyers through an initial training session, so that they can better prepare for events. Once suppliers are identified and invited, we also provide training to your suppliers so that they are ready to participate in your events.

4. Event Scheduling, Hosting & Support

In these important stages, ODScommerce offers access to its e-Sourcing technology via an Internet browser, without the need for any additional or incremental IT infrastructure or resources. Events are scheduled and executed according to our Sourcing Event Calendar, thereby ensuring that our dedicated Event Support team is on hand and available leading up to, during, and immediately following events.

5. Post-Event Reporting

As in all business process engineering, follow-up is critical to the capture of experience and application of lessons learned to future e-Sourcing events. ODScommerce offers this integrated step to OnDemandServices, by providing post-event reports and data to allow your sourcing team to analyze results and enhance future strategies and tactics.

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