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On-Demand Full Service

Supply Chain Support – Level 1\3

 This service is focused on companies that are new to e-Sourcing, or would like to outsource their resources to optimize time and money. This service offers just-in-time expert sourcing support for customers who want to build internal skills in support for running e-Sourcing events.

Services included with this model are:

ODScommerce Development of event plan and schedule
ODScommerce Development of an “approved” supplier list.
ODScommerce Development of selection criteria, including critical quality and performance criteria.
ODScommerce Creation of RFQ and/or Reverse Auction specifications
ODScommerce Supplier Training
ODScommerce Professional and Technical support through all events
ODScommerce Assistance in identifying spend categories suitable for e-Sourcing events. 

Examples of these spend categories with level of suitability are below:

Industry Vertical Level Industry Vertical Level
Aluminum fab/can prod High IT-hardware High
Banks High Juices High
Beverage High Kitting-parts High
Bottling High Lighting High
Car rental Medium Oil High
CD/Tape Clubs High Packaging-corrugated High
Chartered buses High Packaging-folding boxes High
Chemical Tolling High Pallets High
Chemicals High Paper High
Construction-residential High Pharmaceuticals High
Consumer electronics High Pharmaceuticals-generic High
Copiers High Plumbing supplies High
Cosmetics High Polymers High
Cruise ships High Pre-press/print High
Dairy Co-ops High Printing High
Electric Utils High Publishing High
Electric supplies High Retail High
Engineering Services High Steel High
Entertainment High Steel fabricators Medium
Esters High Surfactant Production High
Financial-related High Telecom High
Food Medium Temporaries High
Furniture High Tobacco Medium
Gas High Transformers-Elec. High
Insurance High Transportation High
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