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Our Proven Solutions Help You To Manage Your Supply Chain More Efficiently

ODScommerce helps drive better, smarter use of the supply chain - one of the most costly, important functions in operating a business - by applying SaaS  technology to supply chain challenges ODScommerce has created powerful Knowledge Process Outsourcing applications and services to improve global commerce execution. Collectively, these service solutions change the way businesses, institutions, and governments think about the supply chain today.

ODScommerce helps you address your critical supply chain challenges toady with proven results that leverage:

ODScommerce The latest technology to help you use compete more intelligently.
ODScommerce Deliver positive results to your bottom line.

We back all of our solutions with responsive services with personal attention, and proven expertise. Our ability to execute consistently earns compliments from the custimers and partners that we work with, and has helped build our reputation as a premiere Knowlede Process Outsourcing management partner.

ODS Solutions

Through innovative software products, process and technology, ODScommerce offers a unique portfolio of Knowledge Process Outsourcing solutions and services for global commerce. Our OnDemand services support the planning, purchasing, implementation and management of e-sourcing solutions to Small/Medium Business (SMB) organizations. ODScommerce delivers OnDemand e-sourcing solutions through the power of the Internet and a SaaS model. Clients can select from a wide portfolio of consulting services that will wrap around the e-sourcing process and expect to receive improved work flow efficiencies, reduction in process cycle time, enhanced collaboration with suppliers, improvement in customer services and direct cost reduction.

The OnDemand service model offers flexible solutions that are customized and scaled to meet the needs of individual sourcing organizations, no matter where they are in their e-Sourcing organizational function. ODScommerce will provide and support a complete package of e-sourcing business transactions that allows for continuous and strategic management of the total process by enabling clients to connect sourcing and procurement to spend analysis and contract management functions within the organization. At the same time, the model leverages the scalability of SaaS that is dynamic in design, compliments organizational growth and facilitates professionally managed relationships between suppliers and customers.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing solutions in procurement and strategic sourcing combine the conventional practice of procurement with the power of the Internet to form a robust new tool for reducing costs, improving customer service, and creating value. In fact, more and more companies are realizing that the near-term impact of Knowledge Process Outsourcing in sourcing and procurement as one of the most effective strategies for maximizing profitability.
Strategic sourcing is defined as a disciplined, systematic process for reducing the total cost of externally purchased goods or services while maintaining or improving the levels of quality, service and technology e-Sourcing is the automation of this process to further decrease costs, reduce supply risks and increase profits.

ODScommerce provides comprehensive e-Sourcing solutions that may be customized to meet the needs of SMB global companies no matter what stage an organization has reached in its adoption of e-Sourcing, ODScommerce has a service solution that will deliver value in cost savings, time savings and process efficiencies. Our goal is to help you in gaining competitive advantages, identifying immediate savings and achieve significant ROI and snsuring availability of supply with an established supply base. The result is a distinctive sourcing model that complements and builds on itself, providing a seamless transition between consulting, sourcing, hosting and service solutions We back all of our solutions with responsive service, personal attention, and proven expertise. Our ability to execute consistently earns compliments from the customers and partners that we work with, and has helped build our reputation as a premiere energy management partner.

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