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Admin Training


ODScommerce A description of the features of the ODScommerce platform; an overview of the system architecture; and an overview of selected features available in the End User Interface.Hands-on experience using the Online Administration Pages in OnDemandServices.
ODScommerce An introduction to the basic concepts of the OnDemandServices platform as experienced by the end user, including the types of events available for the buying and selling of goods and services, as well as the options to customize the behavior of those events.
ODScommerce A tour of the End User Interface, Event Administration Tool, and System Administration Tool via the ODScommerce site, including opportunities to act as bidders, to create events and bidding questions, and to create users, user groups, and categories.


ODScommerce 2 - 3 hours, on-line via WebEx
ODScommerce Presentation with exercises, followed by hands-on experience
ODScommerce Participants receive training materials and access to online manuals


ODScommerce Customers who intend on using ODScommerce technology in Self-Service Mode (and/or eventually taking the OnDemandServices in-house).
ODScommerce Event administrators who maintain evemts on an ODScommerce site
ODScommerce Data administrators who perform tasks such as category creation and setting of user permissions at the ODScommerce site.


ODScommerce Experience with basic browser interfaces, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, including actions such as following links, entering URLs, and submitting data
ODScommerce Experience with Windows Explorer, including navigation through the file system and moving documents within the file system via Windows Explorer

For more information on our training programs, please send an email to training@odscommerce.com

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